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GPilots, we're airborne...
Frequently Asked Questions
Why V1?
GPilots, here V1 stands for version 1 of GPN.aero. Although we have been a Facebook group for over 3 years, it is now the first version of the website.
Will there be other versions of the website?
Yes, other versions of the website will come. After V1 Rotate! What comes next? V2 of course...
We will soon be cruising at FL450. You know the drill. There is a lot still to come.
What is so different from the Facebook group?
Facebook is nice but very limited. We are now accepting all Gulfstream® Aircrafts from the GI to the G800. Plus, we have opened the platform to all Gulfstream® professionals, including Mechanics, Engineers, Cabin attendants, etc… All users are required to register full profiles.
GPN.aero's “other sections” allows you to sort by topic and by aircraft.
Example: You want to post a question on the fuel system for the G450? You can do so. Later, let's say in a year or 2, you can look up that same post again. Very helpful tool!
How to register?
To Register on www.GPN.aero:
Click on Register (top right)
Choose your profile (For Pilots: Chief if you hire or GPilot if not)
Validate your email (check your junk mail)
Make payment
Register your full profile
Make your 1st post and introduce yourself.
For example: "I am Chuck Yeager, happy to be here. I'm a GPilot with G450 and G550 type ratings based out of KOPF Ready for contract"
"I am AMT in KTEB (xxx) xxx-xxxx or amt@amt-teb.com"
"I am a Flight Attendant looking for contrat or a full time job, etc..."
Also start making comments on existing posts and ask questions on the Main Café
Interaction is what's it's all about
Where is my validation email, I did not receive it?
Have you checked your junk mail?
Why did we choose the term “Café”?
Well, it is true that in the old days and still a bit now, crews would gather in cafés or bars of aerodromes and airports. Many jobs have been obtained from these friendly atmospheres. Have you ever heard: “You are looking for a job? Go to the airport café or bar and meet other fellow pilots”
How do I optimize my profile setup?
Make sure after you have finished your registration to set up your preferences. You can access preferences on the top right menu.
How often should I update my information?
It really depends on the amount of flying you do. Any major event like recurrent training, a landing currency prolonged. You will get hired based on that information.
What are the different types of members?
Description Wings Once certified**
Chief GPilots* Hiring Pilots Gold wings
GPilots* Full time contractor Not Hiring Pilots Silver wings
AMT's Aircraft Maintenance and Technicians Black wings
CA Cabin Attendant Sky blue wings
Aviators Pilots without a Gulfstream® type rating or any other members
* GPilots (including Chiefs) must have at least one Gulfstream® type rating
Chief GPilots are not necessarily Chief pilots in their operation. They can be lead or any GPilots that need to get involved in hiring pilots, AMT's, Cabin attendant, etc...

** Certified means that you allowed GPN.aero to verify your training information and that it has been verified by us. Keep that in mind for job searches. It will be very helpful. Get certified!

Full time contractor = means full time contractor
Chief GPilots: how do I run a job post?
On the top right menu, there is a link “Manage Jobs”
How to access a section for a particular aircraft?
First, go into your preferences and make sure the aircraft is selected. Then, in the Main Café, search through "Other sections" button.
Please note that Pilot job posts are not sortable by aircraft type at the moment. That option will be fully functional in V2 version 2.
How is the moderation of the website managed?
Our team will do so but we are pilots too. We are not always available. Therefore, we are also counting on members to auto moderate themselves. If you see something, try to moderate it yourself and if it escalates, and we hope it won't, we will intervene to mitigate the issue.
Are subscriptions refundable?
No, unfortunately
May I change profile?
If you wish to change your profile, please contact us.
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