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Frequently Asked Questions
GPN Videos! Tutorials...

Several features are explained on videos.

Please check our YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCPuvzVCtKn4zazQBQaJPtdA

How does this website work?

There are 3 mains features:

1/ GPN works as a forum where all members can exchange all type of G information. On all the Cafés you can participate by Posting, Inserting images, Commenting and Adding “Likes” as much as you wish to. Interaction is what's it's all about.

2/ GPN works also as a hiring platform for Full time or Contract jobs. Get instant work by keeping your profile updated. Operators and Chief GPilots are always in need of competent crew members with great skills and training.

3/ GMarket helps you get connected the right way with the right people for your transactions. (Coming up soon… Stay tuned! …)

How do I Join & Register?

Visit www.GPN.aero Homepage

Click on Register (top right)

Choose your profile: Operator/GPilots (Chief if you occasionally hire Crew)/AMT/CA/Aviator

Validate your email (check your junk mail)

Make payment (insert your promo code and click the submit button to recalculate new payment)

Register your full profile

Make your 1st post and introduce yourself.

For example: "I am Chuck Yeager, happy to be here. I'm a GPilot with G450 and G550 type ratings based out of KOPF Ready for contract"

"I am AMT in KTEB if you need parts or assistance: (xxx) xxx-xxxx or amt@amt-teb.com" 

"I am a Cabin Attendant looking for contrat or full time work, etc..."

VERY IMPORTANT! Use alerts thoroughly to insure your profile will always be up to date. Especially your landing currency. Otherwise Operators and Chief pilots won’t be able to find you.

Email Validation: I did not receive it?

Have you checked your junk mails or spam folder?

Update my profile


Once you login, click on the top right menu select “MY INFORMATION”.

Click the orange button on the top of the page to review your alerts.

If Orange Alert button is still present it means Operators will not find you. Make sure it is gone.

Note: If one of your type ratings has expired and is unchecked please delete it

Screenshot 2023-01-20 at 5.41.05 PM.png

Additionally, alerts send you emails. Usually one email is sent according to alerts you have selected and a 2nd email is sent to you on the expiration date. Once expiration date has passed no more email will be sent to you.

Note: Most expirations we see are the “landing currencies”. This needs accuracy otherwise only SIC positions will be offered to you.

Flight times

Concerning your flight times in the “Flying Experience” tab, there are no alert system for that item. You may use the General update reminder at the beginning of your profile under "General Information".

A good example would be to set it up so you are reminded every 1 or 2 months.

How often should I update my information?

It really depends on the amount of flying you do. Any major event like recurrent training, a landing currency prolonged, a new medical and new flight time hours, etc.

You will get hired based on that information.

Setup my preferences

Once you login, under the top right menu select “MY PREFERENCES”.

Are subscriptions refundable?

Unfortunately, no.

What are the different types of members?

Description Wings Once certified**
Operator Hiring Pilots
Chief GPilots* Hiring Pilots Gold wings
GPilots* Full time contractor Not Hiring Pilots Silver wings
AMT's Aircraft Maintenance and Technicians Black wings
CA Cabin Attendant Sky blue wings
Aviators Pilots without a Gulfstream® type rating or any other members
* GPilots (including Chiefs) must have at least one Gulfstream® type rating
Chief GPilots are not necessarily Chief pilots in their operation. They can be lead or any GPilots that need to get involved in hiring pilots, AMT's, Cabin attendant, etc...

** Certified means that you allowed GPN.aero to verify your training information and that it has been verified by us. Keep that in mind for job searches. It will be very helpful. Get certified!

Full time contractor = means full time contractor

How do I post a pilot job?

Pilot jobs, Full time or Contract, are not allowed in the Cafés. Instead go to the top right menu and select “Manage Jobs”. From there you can either “Search for a GPilot” (Operator’s favorite) or “Post a GPilot job”

How do I post jobs other than a pilot job?

You can post Jobs for AMT’s or Cabin Attendant for free anywhere. Main Café is a good place to post but in their respective Cafés would even be better. Check out the AMT Café and the CA Café.

How to access a section of a particular aircraft?

First, go into your preferences and make sure the aircraft is selected. Then, in the Main Café and click on the tab "Other sections".

How is the moderation of the website managed?

Our GPN team does the moderation of the website. But we count on you to be courteous to each other and respect the loyal rules. Therefore, we also count on members to auto moderate themselves. If you see something, try to moderate it yourself and if it escalates, and we hope it won't, we will intervene to mitigate the situation.

GPN Suggestion Café and Standardization Page

All members have great ideas and suggestions all the time. GPN’s goal is to gather as much as pertinent information and wishes from you, so we can actively implement them.

That information will be looked at by our Team and the most important ones will be published on our Standardization page. This business needs guidelines. We are all here to give them and supervise each other.

What is the General (Main Café History) section?

When posting, if no section is selected, eventually the post will disappear with time. Selecting “General General (Main Café History) will allow the post to be saved.

Where is the GPN agreement located?

The GPN agreement is located under "My Information" last section. It is a downloadable document.

Advisers & Writers

GPN is always looking of experienced helpers. You have skills and you are talented when it comes to writing or making posts. From News or Technical info. From youngster to retired fellows we always love team players. If you wish to participate and be part of the GPN Team.

Please contact me: lionel@gpn.aero

GPN Agent

You want to make extra income on the side becoming a GPN Agent.

Please contact me: lionel@gpn.aero

Po Box 3331
Miami FL 33181, U.S.A.
‪Tel: +1(954) 662-0131