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Silver Gold Diamond
Can be hired Yes - -
Can hire - - - Yes -
Accumulated annually:
Contract days or Fulltime hires
- - - - - 25 / 1 50 / 2 -
Hiring contract:
Fee on daily rate
- - - 20% 15% 12% 10% -
Hiring full time:
Fee on annual salary
- - - 7% 5% 3% 2% -
Can access and post on the Jet Market Yes
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Chief Pilot

Direct Access to Qualified Aviation Professionals

At GPN, we specialize in connecting operators with the right crew, instantly. Whether you need a pilot to take the helm at a moment's notice or an AMT to ensure your aircraft meets the highest standards, we're here for you.

Why Choose The Global Pilot Network?

  • Direct Hiring: No intermediaries. You connect directly with the professionals
  • All Aircraft Access: Whatever the model, whatever the size, we cover them all. Mostly Jets and few Turboprops
  • Expand Your Network: Enhance your connections with owners, operators, and crew globally
  • Main Café Community: Engage in rich discussions without self-promotion. We showcase your skills through our database
  • Discretion Guaranteed: Your privacy is paramount. Your needs are addressed quietly
  • Safety First: We vet for legitimacy, ensuring compliance with legal standards
  • Comprehensive Insurance: Full coverage for peace of mind
  • Perfect Match: Operators meet pilots fitting their criteria and rates
  • Protected Rates: Pilots, secure your rates and minimum salary expectations
  • Prompt Payments: Your finances are as timely as your flights
  • Cancellation Security: Your interests remain safeguarded against unforeseen changes
  • Full Compensation: Early returns don't cut your dues short
  • Travel Pay: Travel days are working days. We ensure they're paid
  • Record of Interactions: Every café post is archived for future reference
  • Future-Ready: Stay tuned for our upcoming app for even easier access
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